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Dear friends! The Italian translations of the following plays are now available on the website: Disquiet, UFO, Entertainment, Drunks, July, Oxygen, Line of the sun, Illusions, Dreamworks. You can download them in the “plays” tab.

I can finally share the text "Mahamaya Electronic Devices". Currently, 4 performances have been done in Europe in different languages. Premieres in Estonia and Lithuania are coming up. Tomorrow, February 22nd the first closed preview of the play in English will take place in London. I am sharing the text in Russian and English. The Ukrainian, Romanian and Polish translations will follow shortly.

The premiere of my new play "The Cherry Man" took place on the historical stage of the National Theater in Prague. I wasn't able to attend the premiere, but judging by the rumors and reviews, the performance was a great success! For those who understand Czech language and may be in Prague, I recommend visiting the show. Here is the link to the theater’s website.

Our project will open with the premiere of a performance based on my play "Mahamaya Electronic Divices", which will be performed in two versions in one evening, by Ukrainian actors in Ukrainian and Polish actors in Polish.

About the Integral Development Foundation "Teal House"

This play was written in 2012, I wrote it in the Amazon forests in Peru. Well, there was too much traditionalism. Now it seems to me silly and not useful. And the theme of the play and its humor seems very relevant to me. So I made a new edition. The meaning has not changed - but expanded.

The world premiere of a performance based on the play will take place in November 2022 in Warsaw.

Since your theatre is financed by the Ministry of the Russian Federation or the city department of culture of your city, that is, the state that is waging a criminal war now with the Ukrainian people, killing the citizens of this country, destroying the infrastructure of cities and villages, I have made a decision, and I want to inform you that all the money which I will receive from your theatre, I will transfer to the relief funds for Ukraine, of course (and I want to emphasize this) this money will go only for peaceful purposes, and in no case, not for military purposes. 

Our money will go to help Ukrainian refugees, children and mothers, to everyone who needs this help now. I am glad that in this way the money from the budget of culture of the Russian Federation will be fairly given to those who suffered and are suffering from the barbaric attack of Russia. 

I will try to inform you in detail for what specific purposes the money we earned together was sent. 

Spectators who buy tickets for my plays should know that by buying a ticket for the performance based on my play, they also make their own contribution in helping the tragically affected Ukrainians and at least to some extent (of course, to an incredibly small) compensate the monstrous damage that Russia inflicts on Ukraine. 

Especially, I am happy to announce my plan to the theatres of the Tovstonogov Bolshoi Drama Theatre, the Theatre of Nations and the Moscow Art Theatre, because the royalties from these theatres are much larger than all other theatres together.

So, together with you, we are already starting to do what someday (I am absolutely sure of this) the entire Russian people will do. This letter will published in the media space, on social networks, and on my website, so that our action to help Ukrainians will be followed both in Russia and abroad. 

Thank you for being together.

Playwright Ivan Vyrypaev

The founders of the course are the production company WEDA PROJEKT and the Warsaw Theater Institute. Classes will be held in Polish. The selection of students is in progress at the moment. Details on the links:

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Drodzy przyjaciele! Otwieramy kurs dla dramatopisarzy i reżyserów. Projekt organizowany jest przez dom produkcyjny WEDA PROJEKT w partnerstwie z Instytutem Teatralnym w Warszawie oraz we współpracy z wieloma polskimi teatrami. Liczba miejsc jest ograniczona. Dzisiaj rozpoczynamy rekrutację kandydatów, która będzie przebiegała w kilku etapach. Wszystkie szczegóły w linkach poniżej. Zapraszam wszystkich zainteresowanych.

According to the terms of the contract with the producer, I cannot post the text of the play and even describe its content. All I can say today is that there are three characters in the play, two women and a man. The heroes of the play are citizens of the United States. Topic: All these new ideas and new meanings, including "building life on Mars" and others, will not help us. Because no one will help us at all. Well, of course, this is a very rough description of the topic. I hope the play is not so primitive. There are a lot of humor in the play. And it's tough.

Review of my favorite US actress Jordan Frye: "Very funny and very tough."

Well, in short, everything is as we love. The premiere of the performance is scheduled for autumn 2021. Where? For now, I cannot say it. If any theater wants to read the play for staging, then contact us personally. And we will provide you with the play in a special format.

In general, this is a play has a scientific theme. There are 3 characters. Three women and a men. They are all scientists who participate in secret scientific research. This play is also about the coronavirus. I am asked a lot if I am going to write about the conoronovirus. Well, I wrote it. Although the play is set in 2019 before the Pandemic hit the world. And there is not a word about the coronavirus in this play. But nevertheless, this topic present there. Although the main theme of the play is ecology and the catastrophe that awaits us, if we will not take action immediately. At the moment, I am working on filming a film-performance based on this play. I am doing this film-performance in Poland, on Polish television. There is a separate TV channel in Poland called the Television Theater. A very popular art form in the country. These performances are watched by the whole country. At the end of May, my colleagues and I will start filming the film. The film will be released in the fall. And after the movie comes out, I will post the play on this site.

For those who are interested, you can familiarize yourself with the presentation of the project. This is a very important project for me. First, because of the plot. Secondly, because of the team. Outstanding specialists are working on the film. Including director of photography Pavel Edelman (director of photography for the film by Roman Polanski, including The Pianist and others). The work is very difficult and interesting. Preliminary filming is scheduled for fall 2021.