Пьесы Ивана Вырыпаева ENG

New constructive ethics

In this play, which takes place during a closed study, three famous scientists: a biologist, a psychologist and a neuroscientist, one at a time answering a variety of questions by two interviewers. As part of their research program, interviewers, asking scientists questions, are trying to answer the most pressing questions that disturb humanity at the moment. In form it is a dialogue, but in essence it is a story about the fact that even the main minds of mankind agree that mankind has little chance of salvation, and that the brain is to blame and the lack of universal understanding. After all, even several famous scientists, answering practically the same questions, eventually realize that they are cheating on each other, but afraid to talk about it with their partner.

  • жанр-
  • количество персонажей5
  • возрастное ограничение18+

The play is currently being redacted. New version will be available after July 2024.